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Penthouse in Frankfurt Banking District

This project refers to an exclusive penthouse with a fascinating view of the city of Frankfurt. This penthouse is situated in one of Frankfurt’s banking towers.

The project owner specifically layed utmost importance that the wooden crossbeams be portrayed as decorative elements. The skillful renovation of the roof-dormer-windows brought about a distinctive flair to the penthouse.

The walls and the oblique windows were upholstered with webbed-glass and subdued white latex was then applied. The original corinthian corner pillars portrayed an exciting contrast to the otherwise modernly-styled penthouse. One of the bathrooms was done with a special scraper technique which created an integrated marmor effect.The floor was layed in parquet. The slanted roof was upholstered with webbed-glass, then subdued white-color latex was applied to. The floor was layed with parquet. The balcony which was in anthrazit suits the inclined rooms perfectly.

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