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Event by Porsche

In July 2000, a special event at Porsche, Hofheim took place. Featuring "Wellness",different manufacturing companies exhibited Different products like wash basin, whirlpools as well as different Accessories.The company „der Maler“ presented an original self-made imaginary wall/divider made of "Tadelakt". Behind this divider, a shower wall mounted with leather tiles was attached.

On ist sides 4 different kinds of Korean water symbols were decoratively painted; One of it was gold-coated.

Please see the pictures:

What is Tadelakt?

Tadelakt is a Moroccan limestone plaster material which can be solidified through repeated application of olive oil soap, polished with a special polishing stone. imestone if combined, produce a water-resistant reaction which consistently become harder with the time.

Tadelakt is an ancient method. At first, this technique was used to seal tanks used for storing water.Tadelakt was used for "Hammans", the oriental bathrooms, as well as for palace’ walls and for strafication of floor layers.

Tadelakt can be found in the Marakesh Region. The limestone obtained from this region is of special structure, basically due to geographical reasons.

Fine-hair-like ruptures can be seen in most of Tadelakt planes which make surfaces look like antique. Different color tones appear in different shades; sometimes darker, sometimes lighter where different works of art can be worked on.

Der Maler
Inh. Peter Wendel
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