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This staircase was in a very lamentable, deplorable condition; with bashed walls, smudged edges and joints; winds blew through.

Please see the pictures before the renovation:

No client in this world would accept defficiencies in craftmannship. To comply with, with the demands of high quality workmannship, knife-sharp edges, which served as color-joints were produced and attached to the adjacent parts. The result was utmost quality of craftmannship.

Old protection foils were completely removed from the opened-up joints and were once again joned for long-term-flexibility.The work process which required utmost skill, counselling, patient work execution,included compliance to the agreed due date of project completion and tidy maintenance of the construction site (everyday). This brought about ultimate success and naturally to the client`s full satisfaction.

Please see pictures of works of art here:


Der Maler
Inh. Peter Wendel
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